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JLTV Is Tougher, but Troops Will Still Ride Into Battle on Humvees

Fallen Sky Soldier gets Silver Star upgraded to Distinguished Service

Immunity Granted to Seven SEALs in War Crimes Case

Luke Air Force Base’s roster of F 35s increasing...with More Noise

Marines Get Glimpse at Russian Tactics During Middle East Deployment

Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Captain After Crash In Ocean Waters

House panel opens investigation into Trump’s VA ‘Shadow Rulers’

Remembering the Battle of the Bulge

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Government shutdown leaves thousands of Vets in the lurch

New Pentagon chief under scrutiny over perceived Boeing bias

New tool lets Army see battlefield from anywhere in the World

USS Indianapolis survivors recount harrowing battle for survival

Corps is moving forward with a new parachute

A long ago Christmas revisited and resolved

Christmas in Da Nang 1965

Silent and Holy Night Respite in Vietnam

A Mess Hall Christmas

Definitely the worst of times

Wreaths Across America Remembering our Fallen Veterans

Helping families to visit recovering service members

Making a difference in the lives of Veterans

Bringing the joy of Christmas and Hope to less fortunate children

Providing Transitional housing for military families

Brown jump boots, a leather bomber jacket and more

Quiet Election Day early sign of cyber policy success

Top US General Defends Deployment of Troops to Border as Legal

Warships Conduct First East Coast SWATT Training For Carrier Escorts

F 22 jets got 587 aircraft to back off in combat surge over Syria

Explaining fickle Wall Street response to defense stocks

New Submarine Movie depicts state of the art technologies

Happy Birthday, USN

MQ 9 Gets First Air to Air Kill in Training Exercise

VA Cites Improvements at Five 'High Risk' Hospitals

Young But Golden: Happy Birthday, Air Force!

Artificial Intelligence to train Air Force Pilots?

US general assumes NATO command in Afghanistan

Shutdown fears loom as Lawmakers return to work

Upgraded Stryker arrives in Germany

JFK carrier is now 50 percent complete

John Chapman was incredible warrior and inspiring human being

President Pentagon put off Washington parade

New phone fitness app and wearable technology coming to Marines

Defense spending could drop 71 billion next year without Budget Deal

Help MOAA Name 100 Outstanding Vets From The Last 100 Years

A quiet superpower race beneath the surface a for nuclear supremacy

Combat Is the Mother of Invention

Despite 17 years next US commander in Afghanistan sees progress

Why some military retirees could see major hikes in Tricare fees

This new camouflage netting could protect soldiers better than armor

Commander returns to skies as executive officer of the Blue Angels

Air Force A 10 Warthogs are back in the Baltics

Marine Raiders to get new commander

Coast Guard unloads more than 2000 pounds of marijuana in Key West

Stealth Destroyer Returns to Shipyard with Wrecked Engine

Arlington National Cemetery Nearly Full

Army Sergeant Remains Are Still in Vietnam 51 Years Later

Remembering Those Memorial Day Honors

Navy calls for fast tracked new weapons to counter Russia and China

NASA awards Lockheed Skunk Works Supersonic X plane

Navy set to pick its first carrier launched drone

Navy studies Surfing as a way to counteract PTSD

Vet was 14 when he jumped into Sicily

New footage shows Navy pilot sighting of alien craft

President Trump Presents the Medal of Honor

DoD launches comprehensive review of cellphone security

Vet visits wall talks about war for first time

Troops to See 24 Raise in Jan 15 Paychecks

Military Retirees have some decisions to make

2017 Military News in Review

TET Offensive 50 Year Anniversary

Date Posted:12/01/17
Mattis gives US troops a pep talk at Guantanamo

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TET Offensive 50 Year Anniversary

The Tet Offensive was a coordinated series of North Vietnamese attacks on more than 100 cities and outposts in South Vietnam. The offensive was an attempt to foment rebellion among the South Vietnamese population and encourage the United States to scale back its involvement in the Vietnam War. Though U.S. and South Vietnamese forces managed to hold off the attacks, news coverage of the massive offensive shocked the American public and eroded support for the war effort. Despite heavy casualties, North Vietnam achieved a strategic victory with the Tet Offensive, as the attacks marked a turning point in the Vietnam War and the beginning of the slow, painful American withdrawal from the region.



Tet Offensive 1968, US Embassy & Saigon fighting

Most of what Americans have heard about the Tet Offensive is wrong. The brief battles in early 1968 during the Vietnam conflict marked the dividing line between gradual progress toward possible victory and slow descent to a humiliating defeat. That the enemy was handily defeated on the ground was considered immaterial; that it could mount attacks at all was deemed a military triumph for the Communists. This persistent view of Tet is a defeatist story line that continues to inspire America’s foreign enemies and its domestic critics of the use of force abroad.

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